Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mom always said don't judge a book by it's cover, Sorry mom that's exactly what I do. In all of my 15 years it's rarely failed me. I started searching through books like usual. After a few rows of books a book on display caught my eye, the cover depicted a roll of film and a girl behind a camera the whole cover is in a classy black and white filter. Satisfied I checked it out and found my way to a bench outside school, I cracked open the book ready for a great read. I flipped to first page and found a poem, now I don't hate poetry but a whole novel composed of just poems is not my cup of tea. After discovering the offending poetry I put the book in my backpack to be discovered during Mrs. Bross's independent reading time.

 I thought the book would just help pass the time, but I was wrong despite the poetry it drew me in, time faded away and in an instance I had this forever-best friend named Kate and a boyfriend whom I absolutely adore. I keep my life in focus through my camera. My older bother is back home from college, It's all fun and games until Kate starts avoiding me and accuses my brother of a horrible deed.

As much as I would love to tell you the entire story that would violate blogger code. Alas I will leave you with a glowing recommendation to read the book, Your local library should have a few copies but if not you can always count on amazon! By the way the book is called Exposed by Kimberly Marcus.  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wattpad, the best place to read and share books. some authors use wattpad to give readers a taste of their book in hopes that the readers will become so interested in the book that they just have to run out and buy the book. Wattpad can be a beautiful thing, it does however have a dark side. Bad fanfictions, sappy love stories and the place where grammar goes to die. I am not going to lie, wattpad does in live hidden deep within my phone.For some time the only reading I did was on wattpad i loved it! It did have some side effects my ever expanding vocabulary shrunk, and my literary standards tremendously lowered, on the plus side I was able to keep up with on direction through fanfictions. In others wattpad is a great source to browse books, but make sure you continue to read published books, might I recommend Afterworlds! It is everything wattpad wishes it was witch is a great coming of age story. looking forward to posting again soon as I continue to eat it up!

Monday, August 31, 2015


TBH the only reason I started reading this was because I needed an independent reading book asap. I am so glad I grabbed this one although i'm only about ankle deep in the book I can tell its going to be pretty amazing!

I am going into this book completly blind I have never read anything by this particular author, I am however well versed in all things ghostly,  a part of the Afterworlds. Updates will soon follow as I continue to eat this book up.