Friday, 3 May 2013

Book Spotlight: Medusa's Desire by E.B. Black

It all started the day her god raped her.

She transformed into an  abomination through his touch. Here skin grew scales. Her eyes turned  red. She screamed for help, but all who saw her became stone.

Medusa  thought she would be alone forever, until the day a man came to kill  her and fell in love instead. Now Perseus is running from those who  hired him as he continues to love a girl who could kill him with a  glance.

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Author Bio

Growing up, I was sheltered from fantasy, paranormal, and science  fiction novels. Now that I've tried them as an adult, I've become  addicted! I like to escape to other worlds so much that I had to create  my own.

In junior high and high school, I read romance novels all  day long. It frustrated my mother and teachers because I'd neglect my  homework in order to squeeze more reading time in.
I became an author because I enjoy reading and daydreaming. I wanted to share my passion for these things with all of you!

I  live in Southern California with my boyfriend and two dogs. If you'd  like to contact me about anything, please do so at

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Book Spotlight: Hillary Hermes:Vampires vs. Witches by YL Parker

This novel is set in San Juan County, Washington. Hillary Hermes was once the most feared alchemist of her time. She awakens in this time as Hillary Somers, her memory is gone, and all of her inherited powers are trapped inside the body of a frail, timid, teenager who’s filled with doubt. Time has transported her through the line of the Somers Witches.Lovers are caught in the war between vampires and witches.

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I love this book! The author did an amazing job! The relationship was well thought out and readers can feel invested in the relationship too because of the strong writing!
I didn't want to put it down, and when I did it was only from necessity (work, bed, bathroom lol). The story was on my mind even when I wasn't reading!
I really liked the story and the characters. I was definitely drawn in till the end ~ Shana, Reviewer

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Author Spotlight: Sonia Taylor Brock

The Legend of the Swamp Witch has been told for centuries in the Swamps of Southern Louisiana. Voodoo, Dark Magic, Strange Creatures... all kinds of rumors float around about those swamps. A young reporter chasing a lead ventures in to those swamps and finds more than he ever hoped for, there really is magic and monsters and sooo much more!
Sonia Taylor Brock, Author currently self published, has written two books,
THE INHERITANCE OF A SWAMP WITCH and A WITCH'S WELCOME. Both of THE SWAMP WITCH series, the books are the result of a wonderful conglomeration of Cajun Creole culture and bringing legends of old into a modern focus in this urban fantasy. New twists on the creation of Vampires, Were creatures, Angels, Trolls, Titans and magic and how they mesh with today's world where humans understand The One God and the power of prayer. These books use humor and adventure to tell the story. She has also written a series of short stories that revolve around the main character of THE SWAMP WITCH series and how she affects changes in the destiny of the people she meets. Sonia has worked with several publications throughout her career such as The Cullman Times, Creative Loafing Magazine, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Facility Safety Management Magazine, Galz Magazine and published articles in Trade Publications as a Marketing Professional throughout career. Sonia is a colorful person and characterizes her life development as constantly evolving and never ending. She refuses to be old and professes to have a young mind even it does seem to forget more things now. She loves to Live, Love, Laugh, Dream and dance in the rain. Sonia currently lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area with her Husband James and her daughters and grandson.
Purchase The Inheritance of  a Swamp Witch from Amazon and B&N. You can find out more about Sonia on her website and Facebook page.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Book Spotlight and Review: Crack, Apple and Pop by Saira Viola

Crack, Apple and Pop is entirely refreshing and unique. Ms Viola has a magic way with words bringing forward strikingly honest and witty dialogue and descriptions unlike anything you've ever seen before, e.g. 'she was a wiggle and giggle chick with a slut bomb pout and Jenna Jameson bounce.' This novel is a shout of  protest against a consumer driven drug fuelled society where greed and sleaze is frequently rewarded

The story follows Tony through his short career as a boxer to his rise to the top of the drug chain, blending it seamlessley with other richly crafted characters. If you enjoy satire, wit and a thoroughly interesting and cleverly written story, then you will enjoy Crack, Apple and Pop.

"Money is nothing but freedom; with money, you can create your own morality." This is the credo that the characters live by in Saira Viola's novel of social realism. At times, a gritty slice of life; at others a metafictive commentary on popular culture, Viola depicts a slimy underworld as fast-moving as a Google search and just as full of surprises. Crack Apple and Pop has the flow of your favourite song, the punch line of a witty joke and the suspense of nail biting drama.

You can purchase Crack, Apple and Pop on Amazon.

About the Author
Saira Viola is a fiction author , poet social commentator and song lyricist . Viola draws upon art nature lyrical beats street slang and popular culture to describe character plot and action. Her work is distinguished by memorable characters and surreal plot lines . Most of her writings are infused with social and political undercurrents and often a heavy dose of satire .

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Book Spotlight: Shutter by Rhonda Laurel

Photographer Antonio De Soto’s life is out of focus. Everyone in his family thinks it’s time for him to settle down. He doesn’t want to be strong-armed into domesticity, even if he does feel the bachelor lifestyle is starting to wear thin. So when his friend invites him to do a pictorial on the community theater, Antonio’s prepared to do his thing and follow his normal womanizing M. O. Instead, he finds himself sparring with the resident artist, Lucy Marceloni. Lucy’s dime-store analysis of his love life—and him—leaves him angry and shaken, but it’s too close to the truth to dismiss. The quirky artist is not his type, but their passionate fights generate a deeper heat between them he can’t ignore…
Lucy wants a man who’s sensitive and intellectual, the exact opposite of Antonio De Soto. The moment she meets the handsome photographer she pegs him as arrogant and self-centered, but that doesn’t protect her from the sizzling chemistry between the two of them. Being drawn to the rogue’s charm and subtle seduction tactics is the last thing she wants. Working with him on the community theater fairytale production could prove to be more than she can handle...


            After a smooth cab ride to Felix’s apartment, Antonio let himself in with the key Felix had given him and dropped off his things. He was hungry and Felix wouldn’t be home until six. He strolled the main street, camera in hand, eyeing some of the changes in the decor in the store windows since his last visit. Then he stumbled upon the café Metro Eatery, went inside, and parked himself at the counter.

            The sound of Nat King Cole’s song “Mona Lisa” oozing out of the sound system immediately put him at ease. He read the menu, although he already knew he wanted. The roast beef on rye was a favorite of his, but what was making his mouth water was a slender woman with long, flowing red hair sitting at a table reading a fashion magazine. He imagined her name was Simone or some other sexy name that started with an S. Something seductive that made you want to say it over and over in throes of passion. Simone smiled and dropped her gaze back down to the magazine. Ah, the game begins.

            Wasn’t this his problem? Meeting random women and having brief affairs? Well, it was according to every woman in his life. His mother constantly asked him when he was going to settle down. Yesenia kept sending him e-books to read about fear of commitment, and Lauren just sighed when he pooh-poohed her inspirational talks about finding his soul mate. He wasn’t sure he bought into that, the idea that there was one person in the world who was meant to be with him. It could have been his hound dogging that had him jaded, but then the disproof of his theory would pop into his mind. Alejandro was evidence that there was no curse of the De Soto men, just choices that one continually makes until you find someone that fits into those ragged grooves on the side of your body.

            A woman seated on the other side of the counter broke him out of his daydream. She seemed to be laughing to herself but looked in his direction. He turned his attention to her. She looked up from her paper and shook her head.

            “Hi,” he said, smiling.

            She didn’t answer.

            Determined not to be ignored, he leaned over and said it again. “Hi.”

            She didn’t look up from her paper.

            “I was wondering what you thought was so funny,” he said, a little louder.

            Once she put down the paper, he saw a pair of glasses teetering on the edge of her nose. The first thing he noticed was her face. It was round but not too round and she had a cleft in her chin. Which made him think of something dirty he’d said one time to this woman he dated who had a cleft in her chin. Though he thought this prim woman sitting across from him with a scarf wrapped twice around her neck wouldn’t find his limerick even remotely funny. She seemed no-nonsense, but her pretty brown eyes were warm and inviting.

            “I was just thinking, I haven’t seen a mating ritual like that since watching the Animal Channel. It would be simpler to just go over there and sniff her, and then maybe the hamburger I just ate wouldn’t come back up from watching the two of you.” She smiled.

            Antonio knew he shouldn’t say the first thing that popped into his head. That she was jealous he wasn’t flirting with her. The angelic red-haired aberration and the wisecracking scarf woman were as different as night and day. Scarf woman had on overalls, for heaven’s sakes! She was essentially covered from head to toe, looking more like a vagabond than a grown woman whose age he couldn’t determine.

            “It’s just human nature, I suppose.” He glanced back at the woman sitting at the table. “We all have a mating dance. Some are more obvious than others.”

            “Some are more sickening than others.” Scarf woman shook her head.


            “Whore,” she shot back at him.

            “Did you actually just call me a whore? You don’t even know me.” He laughed, put his hand on his chest, and feigned indignation.

            “I don’t have to know you. What you are is written all over your face.” She smirked.

            Antonio knew he was headed down the wrong road with this fireball. But what the hell. He had time to kill until Felix came home.

            He ordered quickly when the waitress appeared, then turned his attention back to the scarf woman. “OK, tell me all about myself,” he said with a devilish smile.

            Scarf woman took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “You are a narcissist, who is probably the baby of the family. Always got what you wanted and is never in short supply of women. The camera is your ruse to lure women into your tacky web of seduction. Little do they know that they are just a prop for your entertainment. I bet you could bat those pretty, light-brown eyes and get any woman to do as you please. And that is thrilling to you. Knowing you can gain such immediate control over some unsuspecting bimbo’s life so easily.”

            Antonio said sweetly, “So you think my eyes are pretty?”

            “I rest my case.” She smiled and slid off her stool. If she was trying to make a graceful exit, that went down the toilet. Scarf woman had bags and a huge purse. When her feet firmly touched the floor he could see she was much shorter than him.

            “You have a good day,” he said, half sorry to see her go. “And your name is?” He was sure Felix would have seen this weird creature flitting around town.

            “I was just born yesterday. Don’t have a name yet,” she said as she walked out of the café.

            Antonio laughed, thinking that women like that would forever be angry with the Simones of the world. With her crazy colorful overalls, that damn double-wrapped scarf, and the cluster of bags she juggled, this woman obviously didn’t want anyone to see her. Still, he felt compelled to pick up his camera and snap her picture as she turned right out the door and walked past the window. And he had seemingly forgotten all about his angelic aberration Simone sitting at the table. He’d been so enthralled with his conversation with the scarf lady that he hadn’t even seen her leave.
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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Book Spotlight: A Lost Kitten by Jessica A. Kong

John McCall labels the attack on the Sea-anan Empire as a nightmare.  He escapes the enemy’s invasion.  Stranded on a distant planet called Surreal, he quickly learns the true meaning of nightmare when he discovers his soulmate is of “the mist.”  With a tyrant destroying his empire, and his family missing in action, John must decide whether to remain on the ghost planet with his soulmate or return to the land of the living to locate his family.

Jasira Eversole is drawn to the powerfully built outlander.  John’s rugged good looks and chiseled body compel Jasira to reach out and touch him. Being of the mist, Jasira knows she will not be able to feel John, but she cannot resist his pull. The richness of John’s hair, the firmness of his muscles, and the clean scent of his skin all take Jasira off guard. She swiftly realizes John is her intended mate. Now, Jasira must somehow convince the young warrior that they are two halves of one soul without chasing him off Surreal, leaving her to a lonely existence as mist.
You can purchase A Lost Kitten on Amazon.
About Jessica
Jessica A. Kong lives in Somerset, New Jersey with her loving husband of twenty years and teenage triplets.  She is an avid reader of fantasy, futuristic, and paranormals. When she is not reading she enjoys arts and craft, puzzles, and crocheting.
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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Book Spotlight: No Hassle Publishing by Donna Erickson

A must-have guide for the novice writer, which contains a wealth of information not found elsewhere.
Authors will learn everything about publishing--from choosing a publisher, signing contracts, and purchasing an ISBN, to insider advice on what to avoid. For the small price of this booklet, you will save money in the long run by eliminating hours and hours of research and preventing costly mistakes. 

Donna J. Erickson has owned A Flair For Writing (, a professional writing/editing service, for more than 25 years. She is listed in the Marquis Who’s Who of American Woman, Who’s Who in America, and Who’s Who in the World; has received an Award for Excellence from Riverside Publishing, and an Over the Top Blog Award from Creative Chronicles. Articles about her company have been featured in The Patriot Ledger, The Enterprise, and Mariner Newspapers. She has been a radio guest on the nationally syndicated program, Dresser After Dark with Mike Dresser, blogtalkradio’s Conversations Live! and on WMSX-AM and WATD-FM.

She is the editor of thirteen published books. Erickson is the author of No-Hassle Publishing: An Author’s Guide to Today’s Changing Industry. She launched a subsidiary, A Flair For Writing – Publishing Services, for self-publishing authors worldwide who want an alternative to vanity presses. The publishing division offers exceptional support and customer service; free promotion to authors; quality services that are in-house, rather than outsourced to foreign countries; a full array of adjunct services; and value pricing.

You can purchase Donna's guide on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and find out more about Donna on Facebook.