Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wattpad, the best place to read and share books. some authors use wattpad to give readers a taste of their book in hopes that the readers will become so interested in the book that they just have to run out and buy the book. Wattpad can be a beautiful thing, it does however have a dark side. Bad fanfictions, sappy love stories and the place where grammar goes to die. I am not going to lie, wattpad does in live hidden deep within my phone.For some time the only reading I did was on wattpad i loved it! It did have some side effects my ever expanding vocabulary shrunk, and my literary standards tremendously lowered, on the plus side I was able to keep up with on direction through fanfictions. In others wattpad is a great source to browse books, but make sure you continue to read published books, might I recommend Afterworlds! It is everything wattpad wishes it was witch is a great coming of age story. looking forward to posting again soon as I continue to eat it up!

Monday, August 31, 2015


TBH the only reason I started reading this was because I needed an independent reading book asap. I am so glad I grabbed this one although i'm only about ankle deep in the book I can tell its going to be pretty amazing!

I am going into this book completly blind I have never read anything by this particular author, I am however well versed in all things ghostly,  a part of the Afterworlds. Updates will soon follow as I continue to eat this book up.